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Claw Peak

During a climb of Mt. Waddington in BC, Canada, we climbed above cold clouds which had flowed in from the Pacific Ocean. With the clouds flowing below us, I was able to get this photo of an incredible sunrise behind Claw Peak.

Image Date: May 1998

Image ID: 98-MW8-07


Eagle Creek Falls

The Eagle Creek Gorge (east of Portland, OR) has an incredible scenery of trails blasted into the steep volcanic cliffs. With waterfalls pouring from the lush cliff sides, there are miles of stunning views unique to the Pacific Northwest.

Image Date: April 1999

Image ID: 99-EC1-13


Anonymous Climbers

While climbing Mt. Rainier's Kautz Glacier we took a rest at a spot that overlooks the Nisqually Glacier to the east. At this 13,000' overlook were two anonymous climbers enjoying the predawn light.

Image Date: June 1998

Image ID: 98-MR1-03B


Fall Colors in Jefferson Park

Vivid red, orange, and yellow are visual treats to hikers and climbers in the Cascades. This particular picture was taken in the spectacular Jefferson Park near Mt. Jefferson Oregon.

Image Date: October 2000

Image ID: 00-MJ1-25

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