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Aitutaki Palms

Deep in the South Pacific is the island atoll of Aitutaki. Michelle and I scootered around the island while on our honeymoon there and enjoyed the view of palm trees silhouetted by the sun sinking into the Pacific Ocean.

Image Date: July 2002

Image ID: 02-CI1-D35


Jack Mountain Sunrise

Fall is a spectacular time in the North Cascades. During a traverse of the
Crater Creek Basin the lower slopes of
Jack Mountain lit up with subtle fall colors
while the sun warmed the cool morning air.

Image Date: September 2003

Image ID: 03-CC1-10


Maori Fishing Boat

The Maori way of life in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific still consists of fishing the coral reefs in handmade boats. In the evening the Aitutaki beaches are lined with boats ready to be launched for a day of fishing.

Image Date: July 2002

Image ID: 02-CI1-EE03


Winter Trees in the Tatoosh

The Tatoosh Range is located within Mt. Rainier National Park and is a common winter playground in the park. With an average of over 650" of snowfall a year, deep powder and snow encased trees are a common sight.

Image Date: Winter 1998

Image ID: 98-TR1-10

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