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Porcupine Peak

The sun rising below dark storm clouds can make dramatic contrast and color in outdoor photography. Here Porcupine Peak in the North Cascades is seen in stark contrast in one of those beautiful moments.

Image Date: August 2003

Image ID: 03-TM-29


Distant Mt. Challenger

Deep in the North Cascades National Park is a range of mountains called the Picket Range. Steep, rugged and largely inaccessible, Mt. Challenger anchors the north end of these legendary mountains.

Image Date: August 1999

Image ID: 99-CR3-22


Glacier Serac

Glaciers move slowly down Mt. Rainier's flanks, sometimes up to 29 inches a year. The power and force of these rivers of ice and snow can break up the ice and create crevasses and push up blocks of ice called seracs.

Image Date: August 1998

Image ID: 98-MR1-34


Burning Nevada Sunset

Near Elko, Nevada, the Ruby Mountains jut up over 6,000' from the surrounding desert and create their own weather. Isolated and dark, storm clouds burn red and orange while the sun slowly sets below them.

Image Date: August 1998

Image ID: 98-NV1-15

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