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Maori Fisherman at Sunset

In the Cook Islands of the South Pacific fishing is a way of life for the Maori people. Here a fisherman returns from a day of fishing the coral reef on the island atoll of Aitutaki.

Image Date: July 2002

Image ID: 02-CI2-D36


Colchuck Lake in the Fall

The Enchantments in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness become a blaze of gold and yellow in the fall. Here the oncoming winter makes its first mark as snow begins to descend on Colchuck Lake.

Image Date: October 2003

Image ID: 03-CE2-36


Aitutaki Beachside Palms

The South Pacific is a mix of heaven and bliss with its warm ocean breeze and endless palm lined beaches. The island atoll of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands is a tropical paradise only found in dreams and fantasies.

Image Date: July 2002

Image ID: 02-CI2-A09


Glacier Crevasse

Mt. Rainier has over 48 square miles of glaciers that slowly move down its sides. This photo was taken while hanging from a climbing rope from inside a Nisqually Glacier crevasse.

Image Date: April 1997

Image ID: 97-RT1-29

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