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Klawatti Peak

The 316 glaciers within the North Cascades National Park occupy about 60 percent of the total glacier-covered area in the contiguous United States. This sunset photo of Klawatti Peak shows two of it's three glaciers.

Image Date: October 2003

Image ID: 03-TF2-A11


The Castle

A popular backcountry ski destination and winter climb in the Tatoosh Range; The Castle is seen here in full winter glory. This picture was taken during one my many ski trips to the Tatoosh Range.

Image Date: Winter 1998

Image ID: 98-TR1-07


Ruby & Panther Creek

Serene and tranquil, the Ruby Creek gorge in the North Cascades holds miles of trails alongside its banks. Here the glacier fed tributary Panther Creek empties itself into clear cool waters of Ruby Creek.

Image Date: September 2003

Image ID: 03-LJ-36


Mt. Rainier National Park

Winter snow persists into July as clouds drift through the eastern skyline of Mt. Rainier National Park. This photo was taken from near Steamboat Prow on Rainier's northeast flank.

Image Date: July 2003

Image ID: 03-MR1-F33

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